Hey guys my name is Alex and Im a Pansexual FTM if anyone wants to add//follow me feel free :D <3

Anonymous asked:
don't listen to that last anon. you're doing a great job running this blog with your trans partner. keep up the good work

Thank you very much. 

Anonymous asked:
What makes you think it's okay to be a cis person running a trans blog? It's complete bullshit, and quite offensive.

I ran this blog for a year and a half without anyone knowing that I’m a cisgender male. With the exception of a few people. And I did that on purpose because of messages like this. I ran the blog for A YEAR AND A HALF, pretty well, I might add, and no one said anything. As soon as I revealed my identity, I had tons of support, and very few negative messages. I have never once claimed to be a good ally. In fact, I know there is tons of room for improvement. I’m a privileged person. White. Male. Cisgender. Tall. I’ll admit to all of that. But, I will never claim to be a good ally, because that’s not what being an ally is about. I figure being a privileged person, I owe it to those who aren’t so privileged to give then a fucking voice in the world. Give them a space where they can show off their pride, without fear of retribution or backlash from people. And I will continue to do that, because it’s the right thing to do.

And besides, if you actually pay attention. This blog is co run by myself and a trans person.

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Signal boosting a friend!

Signal boosting again. 

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Me: Mom there’s this concert-

Mom: No.

Me: image

Hey everyone.  My name is Blake and I submitted here once or twice in June. I’m a 23 year old pansexual transman from Minnesota, currently living in North Carolina. I am living as male but I reject the idea that masculinity is an end all be all and you’ll probably see me fucking with gender roles on a regular basis.  

I’ll be helping Jordon run this and I’m super excited. I also created and run FTM Problems. My main blog is here.

Moderation Announcement.

Okay, so I know I made a huge announcement about having a friend of mine help me run this blog, well… Plans have changed. 

I wanted you all to welcome Blake, the new co moderator of FuckYeahTransPride.

Soon, he’ll be making his introduction post so you can all get to know him, and then we’ll hopefully get this blog up and running the way it used to be, which is something I look forward to. 

Thanks for reading, and thank you all for following! 


I’m a male. I was born a male. I like the idea of masculinity, but I don’t want that to be what being a male is about. I hate that it is. That expression, ‘makes you a man’, and ‘it’ll put some hair on your chest’. I don’t like those. I don’t want hair on my chest, or anywhere else but my face and on the top of my head for that matter. You can keep that other body hair, I don’t want it. Masculinity is not about body hair. 

I’m sick of the comparison of body hair and masculinity. 

This poem was written and performed by Erin Upchurch in 2011 as a part of the Columbus, OH Transgender Day of Remembrance. This year, we wanted to bring it back. With the recent murder of Cemia “Cece” Dove from Cleveland, OH and many other members of the trans community, this poem really hits home for us.

Please support the Ohio Transgender community by attending one of the local TDOR events:

11/20 Cincinnati-7pm at Fountain Square (Fifth and Vine Street)
11/20 Columbus-7pm at King Ave United Methodist
11/20 Toledo-7pm at Sylvania United Church of Christ
11/22 Cleveland-5:30 pm at Huntington Park (Lakeside Avenue and West Third Street)

Thank you to all of the Trans*, Gender Non-Conforming and Allied people who took part in this video and thank you to Erin Upchurch for creating this amazing piece and allowing us to adapt it into video.

Need a binder? We’re here to help!

Binders 4 Bros is a non-profit organization designed to help out FtM/non-binary dudes who are in a tight spot and can’t procure a binder on their own. There’s no pre-requisites, no catch, and no obligations. We also plan on eventually branching out to provide things for MtFs such as gaffers, packers, and bras.

Check us out! We’re here to help.

Woo, shitty resolution iPhone camera.
I’m Len, 20, FtM transgender, and pre-everything with hopes of starting stuff soon.


Hey, everyone. I have an announcement coming soon regarding the moderation of this blog!

Stick around, and find out.


In regards to self harm, and people who do.

This is the video I made about self harm.

I made a video about self harm, inspired by anonymous hate.

I just hope people watch it.

I felt the compelling need to post these here, as they’re related to my boyfriend, who is transgender. He’s extremely open about it, and has it listed on his personal blog, saying so.

I’m fucking sick and tired of getting anonymous hate in regards to he and I being in a relationship, and the way we both identify.

I’m just going to leave these here. I’m fucking livid right now.
I realize it may just be a troll, but regardless, it still upsets me.