'First Gay Hug (A Homophobic Experiment)' parodies ‘First Kiss’ viral video.

The last two guys kill me

going into work selfies

hey y’all

claire, 21, dmab,

come say hi:




Stripping kinda but not really …enter Oliver aphrodisia my drag king persona aka my real self the man I want to be

Morning crew cause I’m proud of this

Hey there! my names Bri! Im a 21 year old transman. I’m pre everything but I’m working on getting a therapist soon! 
hit me up sometime, http://thatmammasubjugglator.tumblr.com

Cam - 17 - genderqueer


Submissions, please!

Call for submissions, to get this blog back up and running like it was a year ago!

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Signal boost?

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HRT Week 104:
A little late on posting, but 2 years!!!!!!! :)


Well this has been about two weeks in the making, tracking down all the pieces of my wonderful ensemble. Didn’t come out the way I had pictured it but I feel so empowered, and admittedly I was at the very least passing.


Hard work is paying off!! :D


TGIF: Neon Electric


3 months post op and body positive!

I’m so sorry to be absent so long, and I apologize for the gross lack of posting. 

I hope you all will still stick around.
I plan on getting this blog back up and running like it used it.

I love Autumn in Sydney. I get to layer up. Today I feel like a super sexy trans fag fucker.