Cameron. 25. Around two years each on t and post-op. Happy.

Loving who I’ve become.

Please help me put a down payment on a new car.


Hello, everyone. 

Some of you know that I got into a bad wreck yesterday that totaled my car, by a horribly unfortunate circumstance.

I’m in huge need of a new car.

I’m not asking any of you to donate, but if any of you feel compelled, or want to help, here is the page to do so.

If any of you want to know the story of what happened, it is listed on the page.

name is Kylar.


pre everything


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still not out to my family, only to close friends

Hey, I’m Finn (on the left) a genderqueer trans queer (wanderlustqueer), and my husband Oliver (on the right) is a trans queer man (familiarfacesstrangeplaces). We just moved to Western Mass and are looking for some new friends in the area!

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Hello! My name is Logan, I am a 22 year old trans guy from Massachusetts, looking for some more friends in the trans community. I am pre-t and pre-op. Feel free to follow and message me. Fair warning I am new to tumblr lol

I’m Brixtton, 20.
2 and a 1/2 months on T.

Come be my friend? 



I have a friend that’s in an abusive situation, I’m staying completely anonymous with who it is for safety reasons

There is a donation page set up to get them out. This person does have income, but not enough to pay everything they need to get away

Every dollar counts, please share this and if you have an extra dollar or two, send a donation here:

I’m not asking anyone donate a lot of money, but just a dollar, if everyone that sees this can pass it on and if you’re able to donate please help.

I hate to ask for this help for my friend, but it’s a horrible situation

This gofundme page is for a very personal friend of mine, if anyone out there can find it in them to donate a few dollars, it would really mean a lot and help so very much. 

Please help.

If you’re not able to donate, please reblog.

This is a person I care greatly for and I don’t want to see them where they’re at anymore. It’s a horrible place for them to be. 

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Anonymous asked:
Do you have any advice on coming out?


Like, my one true bit of advice for anyone coming out, is to wait until you absolutely feel that it is the right time for you to do so. That it in YOUR best interest. Don’t let anyone pressure you into thinking that you have to, or that there’s something wrong with being in the closet. That is nothing to be ashamed of. We all come from different places. We all have different stories. Through the coming out process, we all face different challenges, different struggles, different barriers to get over, different walls to tear down. No two people are the same in this. That’s the beauty of it. We’re all different. I can’t offer you specific coming out advice tailored to you, because no two coming out experiences are the same. The only thing I can really say is that it’s your time. No one else’s, and it’s not up to them to say when it’s proper or right for you to make that move. That’s on your time.

Anonymous asked:
Hey. Do you know of any Trans safe places online? I'm looking to make new friends but dunno where to look.

I can tell you that a lot of the transgender submission based blogs, are safe places for trans people, including this one. 






aww Icona Pop’s new video is all about ball culture and it’s really nice

Icona Pop just showed the girls how to successfully appreciate a culture by letting the participants of the culture be the stars and give them the spotlight to tell their stories. And gave them that free national promo by naming names. YES!

this is beautiful. no need to appropriate. just appreciate and promote

This is so lovely. 

Forever reblog


Once again, everyone, I’m sorry for disappearing and not posting for awhile. I’ve been in the process of trying to find a new job, and moving, and getting signed up for classes at school. It’s all just been so incredibly stressful. 

But, I’m back, again. I can’t say for sure that it’s going to be for good, but I can hope so.


I’m Hazza or Grimmy to my mates. I’m 18 and I live in Denham, England. I’m a gay Transman and I’m not out to anyone yet (it’s complicated) my blog is I like scenery, doctor who, nick Grimshaw, football, long walks, video games, music and more. So if you wanna chat hit me up. My kik is TheRealGrimmy

Hi, Cam here. I’ve spent half my life hating my body, most of which I couldn’t figure out why. Now I feel more like me with every passing day. It feels damn good. :)